Area Code/Comoros

Country Code +269
Locality Subscriber numbers
Island of Anjouan
Domoni 71 9X XX
Mutsamudu 71 0X XX to 71 6X XX
Sima 71 8X XX
Island of Moheli
Fomboni 72 0X XX to 72 5X XX
Nioumachoua 72 6X XX
Wanani 72 8X XX
Island of Grand Comoros
Foumbouni and South of Island 79 XX XX
Mbéni and East of Island 77 XX XX
Mitsamiouli and North of Island 78 XX XX
Moroni and Centre of Island 73 XX XX and 74 XX XX
Internet and special numbers 76 XX XX
HURI Mobile (GSM 900) 3X XX XX

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